Barkana Falls

Barkana Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Agumbe area of ​​Shivamogga district in Karnataka state. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in India and a popular tourist attraction in the region. Barkana Falls is 38.2km from Thirthahalli and 7km from Agumbe.

This waterfall is formed by Sita river, a tributary of Tunga river. The water falls from a height of approximately 850 feet (260 meters), creating a breathtaking sight. The name “Barkana” is derived from the word “barka” which means “rat deer” in the local language and “kana” means “house”. Legend has it that the Barkana falls were believed to be the home of rat deer in ancient times.

Surrounded by lush green forests and rocky terrain, Barkana Falls offers a beautiful view and serene atmosphere. The mist generated by the waterfall adds to its mysticism and attraction. The area around the falls is rich in biodiversity and is known for its diverse flora and fauna.

To reach this waterfall, one has to trek through the dense forests of the Western Ghats, which is an adventure in itself. The trek offers an opportunity to witness the natural beauty of the region up close. The best time to visit the falls is during the rainy season when the flow of water is at its peak, creating a spectacular sight.

Visitors to Barkana Falls can explore other nearby attractions such as the Agumbe Rainforest Research Center, known for its research on rainforest ecology, and the Kundadri Hills, which offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

It is important to note that while visiting Barkana Falls, one should follow safety precautions and follow any guidelines provided by the local authorities. Respecting the natural environment and maintaining cleanliness is also essential to preserve the beauty of this natural wonder.

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