Gopal Achari Thirthahalli

Thirthahalli Gopal Acharya is one of the famous Puduveshadharis who performed in Badguthittu Yakshagana stage. This artist of Badagutittu Yakshagana stage became the unanointed king of the stage for more than four decades. He came from Thirthahalli in the highlands and settled at Nayaknakatta near Kundapura taluk, Yakshagana’s goat yard. Studied up to third standard. But the knowledge gained from Yakshagana is not less than that of scholars.

Yakshagana’s primary education was provided by Thirthahalli Krishnajiraya. Later he found himself in fair tours and performances, learning from experiences. Acharya’s fame did not come suddenly. At the age of 14, Acharya, who dressed as a clown in Ranjadakatte Mela in Malnad, also performed Balagopala, Pithika Streevesha, Oddolaga Punduvesha, Purushavesha and became the second Vesha.

Starting from 1970, for a total of 46 years, Thirthahalli Gopal Acharya grew up in Badguthittu Yakshagana and stepped on the path of fame. He turned 60 four or five years ago. His 60th birthday was also celebrated then. Even at the age of 60, the name Aruvattara Abhimanyu is aptly suited for him, who easily performed the puduveshas without the complications of age.

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